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Going to detox and rehab in Elko

Available Treatment Types

Types of addiction treatment available within 120 miles of Elko, Nevada

While there are a total of 4 different treatment centers within 120 miles of Elko, Nevada, you may have to travel outside of your local area for detox or rehab.

Detox is often the first type of addiction treatment someone will go through. Detox usually lasts between 3 and 7 days and helps keep you safe and comfortable during withdrawal while also getting you ready for other types of addiction treatment. Of the 4 addiction treatment centers within 120 miles of Elko, Nevada, 1 offer detox in one or more of the following settings:

  • Inpatient (non-hospital) detox: 1
  • Hospital inpatient detox: 0
  • Outpatient detox: 1

After detox, many people continue their recovery in rehab. Where detox focuses on medical stability and safety, rehab focuses on behavioral therapy and programming that will help you maintain your recovery. 4 of the 4 treatment center(s) within 120 miles of Elko, Nevada offer rehab. More specifically:

  • 1 offer inpatient rehab
  • 4 offer outpatient rehab

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Available Payment Options

Paying for detox or rehab within 120 miles of Elko, Nevada

You can pay for detox or rehab a number of ways. If you plan to Pay for detox or rehab with insurance:

  • 3 accept private insurance
  • 3 accept state-funded insurance
  • 0 accept military-based insurance

If you plan to Pay for treatment without insurance, 3 treatment centers within 120 miles of Elko, Nevada accept cash or other forms of private payment for treatment.

1 treatment centers within 120 miles of Elko, Nevada, offer free detox or rehab.

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Contacting Treatment Centers

Calling local detox centers and rehab programs within 120 miles of Elko, Nevada

After you have a general idea of your treatment needs and know how you will pay for treatment, a common next step is to call and talk to a few treatment centers within 120 miles of Elko, Nevada.

You can also call a local detox hotline or a national hotline like the one offered by American Addiction Centers (AAC).

If you are looking for more information but are not ready to speak on the phone, AAC also offers a free text support service as well as an easy way to check your insurance coverage online.

More information about American Addiction Centers:

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Elko, NV Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Elko, NV

Substance use disorder often plays a major role in crime rates. A Bureau of Justice report released in 2017 showed that 21% of people sentenced to time in state prisons and local jails were there for crimes committed to get drugs or money for drugs.1 Additionally, 14% of those in jail for violent crime reported they had committed those crimes for a drug-related reason.1

The Elko Police Department in Elko, NV. broke down its drug-related arrests and seizures in a 2020 Annual Report. The Elko Combined Narcotics Unit had a total of 47 arrests and executed 31 search warrants in 2020.2 It also investigated 39 drug-related cases and seized 6 weapons.2 Officers in Elko seized almost 4,000 grams of methamphetamines, 446 grams of heroin, 47 grams of marijuana, and 24 grams of cocaine.2

There were 142 drug narcotic violations in Elko throughout 2020 and almost 100 drug equipment violations, which was a 309% percent increase from 2019.2 DUI arrests were also up 10% from 2019.2 Overall, severe crime arrests in Elko were up 11% from 2019 to 2020.2

Local news reports reinforce those statistics. In 2021, an Elko man was arrested 7 times throughout the year for various drug offenses, ranging from possession of a controlled substance to driving under the influence.3

Substance use statistics in Elko County, which include emergency room encounters, inpatient admissions, and overdose deaths, are lower than the state average.4 However, alcohol-related emergency room encounters do trend higher.4

Elko, NV Detox and Rehab Availability

Elko is home to several treatment centers dedicated to addressing all types of substance use disorders. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association (SAMHSA), 5 facilities within the city of Elko offer various rehab options.5 Across the state, there are approximately 81 drug rehab facilities available.6

Elko, NV Drug and Alcohol Support Groups

Support groups are often used as part of the overall rehabilitation process to treat substance use disorders. They allow people to share their personal experiences in a welcome environment and can be beneficial for people who are in the midst of all types of addiction. Support groups are not meant to replace rehab but can be used to complement a more formal addiction recovery program.

People in Elko have access to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) support groups in the city. The Northern Nevada Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) offers several meetings throughout the week at the Elko Alano Club at 680 River Street.7 A meeting is also offered Mondays at 6:30 p.m. at 1700 Stitel Road.7 NA also offers a support group Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:30 p.m. at the Elko Alano Club.8


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