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San Geronimo, CA Detox and Rehab Centers

Looking for an excellent detoxification facility in San Geronimo that can help you, your spouse or your child reach a full recovery from an addiction? Whether you want to get clean from Kadian, Stilnox, alcohol or any other drug you are addicted to, your recovery does not have to be a lonely one. We offer a large online database of luxury in-patient or outpatient rehab program, as well as many other options that can aid you with your journey towards becoming clean.

Addiction treatment centers near San Geronimo, CA

3787 Prestwick Drive Los Angeles, CA 90027
(855) 411-0218
Services Offered
Sober Living Home
Outpatient Services
Intensive Outpatient Services
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Groups Served
Adult Age
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Insurance Accepted
Tufts Health Plan
Schaller Anderson Aetna Better Health of Ohio
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Treatment Philosophy
Our treatment approach is to work in collaboration with you in creating the best substance use treatment plan for your individual needs.
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Latest Reviews
The accommodations I received during my treatment at Luxe are unparalleled. The staff is so amenable and really helped me understand how to move forward in recovery in ways I haven’t been able to understand throughout my past attempts in treatment. The location and ambiance of the facility speak for themselves, but the best part was the tailor made menu.
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25801 Obrero Dr Mission Viejo, CA 92691
(949) 787-1480
Services Offered
Sober Living Home
Residential Treatment
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Adult Age
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Insurance Accepted
Anthem BCBS
Beacon Health Options
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Treatment Philosophy
At Safe Harbor Treatment Center, we are committed to providing exceptional care for adults facing the dual challenges of addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Located in the heart of Orange County, California, our treatment philosophy is founded on the belief that true healing must address the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. Our facility adopts a holistic and comprehensive approach to recovery, combining evidence-based practices with innovative therapies to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We understand that each individual's journey to wellness is unique, and we are dedicated to delivering personalized care that honors each person's distinct path. Recognizing the complex interplay between addiction and mental health, we offer compassionate, coordinated care tailored to the specific circumstances and goals of each client. Our multidisciplinary team of experts collaborates to provide the most effective treatments available, ensuring that our clients receive comprehensive support on their path to recovery. Safe Harbor Treatment Center is more than a facility; it is a nurturing community that empowers individuals to rediscover their strength and resilience. We create a safe and supportive environment where clients can develop the skills and confidence needed to navigate recovery and embrace a renewed life of clarity and purpose. Our mission goes beyond healing; we aim to educate our clients, their families, and the broader community about addiction and mental health. By promoting understanding and reducing stigma, we strive to foster a culture of support and recovery. In the vibrant community of Orange County, we are dedicated to illuminating the path to recovery, guiding our clients towards a future filled with hope, fulfillment, and well-being.
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Latest Reviews
I wanted to take a moment to express my deep gratitude for the life-changing experience I had at Safe Harbor Treatment Facility. My time there was truly transformative, and I had a profound "Ah ha" moment that has set me on a new recovery path
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Find more addiction treatment centers near San Geronimo, CA

Newport Academy
16 Meadow View Lane San Geronimo, CA 94963
Serenity Knolls Treatment Center
145 Tamal Road Forest Knolls, CA 94933
- 1 Miles Away
North Bay Recovery Center
55 Shaver Street, Suite #200 San Rafael, CA 94901
- 8 Miles Away
Newport Academy Outpatient
1104 Lincoln Avenue San Rafael, CA 94901
- 8 Miles Away
Reflections - Bay Area Rehab
1191 Simmons Lane Novato, CA 94945
- 9 Miles Away
Newport Institute
285 Margarita Drive San Rafael, CA 94901
- 9 Miles Away
Alta Mira Recovery Programs
125 Bulkley Avenue Sausalito, CA 94965
- 14 Miles Away
Helen Vine Detox Center
291 Smith Ranch Road San Rafael, CA 94903
- 5 Miles Away
Marin Treatment Center, Inc.
1466 Lincoln Avenue San Rafael, CA 94901
- 8 Miles Away
Manor/Center Point Adult Men Residential Program
603 D Street San Rafael, CA 94901
- 9 Miles Away
Bayside Marin Treatment Center
718 4th Street San Rafael, CA 94901
- 9 Miles Away
Center Point Inc
1477 Lincoln Avenue San Rafael, CA 94901
- 9 Miles Away
Reflections - Detox Marin County
10 Lockton Lane Novato, CA 94945
- 12 Miles Away
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Information About Rehab in San Geronimo

Latest Reviews

Latest Reviews of Rehabs in California

Journey Malibu

Journey Malibu was a great rehab in most senses. The facilities and accommodations while there are top notch. The food was amazing, and the staff was pretty good as well…. BUT, it all ends there: Now with that said, the Business aspect of Journey is the most unprofessional and incompetent company I have ever worked with in my life. I was rushing to get admitted, and we paid in full up front, and were going to bill insurance while then and when completed. When leaving, Journey had a 3rd Party Company who was assisting them with their billing and filing the claims. I had a lot of claims submitted, and 2 of the claims were paid out from the start. The rest of the 10+ claims were all denied, and denied due to not providing all necessary medical documents. I followed up with Journey, and they informed me that there was a 3rd Party that handled their billing at the time. I reached out to this 3rd Party Company, and they immediately told me they no longer worked with Journey, and would not give me an answer as to why. They did however, offer to still assist me in the rest of my billing. They found that the reasons for all the denied claims was due to not providing all necessary medical documents. They attempted to get the medical documents form Journey and assist me in the rest of the billing process, even though they no longer worked with Journey, but Journey was not responsive / ignored requests for my medical records from this company, and due to this they were unable to assist me in the billing. Now I finished up at Journey 18 months ago. I have been trying to get my medical records for the last 12 months. I have spoken directly with the owner, multiple times, and he told me the medical records would be mailed out on multiple occasions. Nothing was ever sent out. I have been calling Journey countless times, just requesting the medical records so I can properly bill insurance, and I always get told I will get a call back or they will send them out, and nothing ever gets completed. Now, I can barely get a response from them. If you call their “business line”, it is disconnected. Real professional for a companies business line that is listed on their own site and countless other sites, to not be working. If you call the intake line and can get someone to pick up, they all also appear to be incompetent and nothing gets accomplished. It’s also funny as I keep hearing from them things like “your insurance is just not going to pay. It’s not our fault” and a lot of similar things. Now why is it then the only 2 claims that were submitted correctly were approved right away? The Kicker: I also work in Reimbursement for Healthcare Insurance, so I know know how to deal with billing with insurance companies, its literally what I do for a living, so I know what the situation is. My insurance company literally just needs the medical records for the dates of the claims that have been denied. For the last 12 months, I have just been trying to get my medical records, and bill the insurance myself, a job which Journey was supposed to have taken care of, but they are too incompetent to even do that. They can’t even perform a task as simple as making copies of documents and mailing them to me. Also, the 2 claims that were approved and paid out, insurance mistakenly set the checks to Journey, twice for that matter, for a total of 4checks. The checks were made out to Journey, and Journey wasn’t even competent enough to deposit checks that were mailed to them in their name. They just sat and went undeposited. If a company isn’t competent enough to deposit checks made out to them, I mean should you really trust such a big thing as recovery with them? Also, when I was there, there were 4 brand new staff members. I thought they may have just been growing. After talking with a few of them and looking back on it, and experiencing Journey first hand, I realized that they cannot keep employees, as employees won’t stay long due to the unprofessionalism. . If you are considering going there, just ask to talk with a few employees and ask them for yourself, and see what responses you get. Just look at other reviews to. You will notice a common theme. As I said before, the Therapy Staff at Journey was top notch while I was there, but don't expect any help when it comes to billing or any office business related functions. Or ecpect them to be any sort of professional.

3.7 out of 5
Malibu, CA

Muir Wood Teen Mental Health & Substance Use Treatment

How do you thank someone for saving your son and your family? Muir Wood did that for us through their amazing clinical work, genuine dedication to troubled kids, and their good heart. Our 15 year old son was dead set on not going but almost magically upon arrival embraced this beautiful place and the regimen there. We loved that he was among his peers and that he\'d have the open spaces and time to turn himself around... with a lot of help of course! It\'s been a little over a year and things are good. And that is enough for us right now. Just being able to say that again is a blessing. Thank you Muir Wood. – A Muir Wood Mom

- Jeanne
5 out of 5
Petaluma, CA

Comprehensive Addiction Programs, Inc.

Psychiatrist was nice. Other clients weren't nice.

- Anonymous
4.7 out of 5
Fresno, CA
Finding a Detox Center Near Me in San Geronimo
Looking for a highly-rated detoxification center in San Geronimo that can help you or someone close to you achieve a complete recovery from an addiction? Whether you want to start to get sober from Ambien, Xanax, alcohol or some other substance you are addicted to, your journey to freedom from addiction doesn't have to be a solo effort. We offer a big online database of exclusive in-patient or out-patient rehab facility, as well as a host of other options that can provide help for you with your plan to get clean and sober.
San Geronimo Detox Centers for Drugs and Alcohol
Detoxing from prescription drugs or alcohol can be painful and even dangerous without proper supervision. If you or a loved one is ready to end a dependence on drugs and alcohol, it's important to seek medical attention to ensure the most effective rehabilitation possible. Whether you are looking for a Subutex treatment facility to combat detox addiction, or a detox program to help recover from alcohol or any other illicit or prescribed substance abuse, browse the listings below to find in-patient and outpatient treatment options in San Geronimo, CA.
More Questions About San Geronimo Detox Centers?
Alcohol and drug addiction is considered one of the most damaging issues in the U.S. Substance abuse recovery facilities near San Geronimo will help you work on working toward recovery with a clean body and mind. Working through treatment with a program near San Geronimo that accepts your insurance and suits your [needs] will ensure [top-quality] care throughout recovery, so take a moment to read our articles. Searching for detox programs near San Geronimo is well within reach. wants to help you contact the best substance abuse services to get you the best care so you can detox while comfortable and safe. Recovering from abuse of benzodiazepines, alcohol, or any alternative drugs has the potential to be threatening to your health, so we highly recommend that you search our articles and find out more.