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Detox Centers in Sun Valley, NV

Looking for a detox or rehab center near you in Sun Valley, Nevada? Browse the listings below to find the best addiction treatment center for you.

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We believe it is important for you to have all the information you need before going to treatment.

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More treatment centers within 120 miles of Sun Valley, NV

Community Recovery Resources- Auburn Campus
12125 Shale Ridge Rd. Auburn, CA 95602
- 80 Miles Away
Pathways Recovery and Wellness
2 Nineth Street Marysville, CA 95901
- 101 Miles Away
Sierra Vista Hospital
8001 Bruceville Road Sacramento, CA 95823
- 117 Miles Away
Center for Behavioral Health Rereno Treatmnt Center
160 Hubbard Way Suite A Reno, NV 89502
- 7 Miles Away
New Dawn Treatment Center
10585 Double R Boulevard Reno, NV 89521
- 15 Miles Away
Granite Wellness Centers Outpt/DUI/Mothers in Recovery
12183 Locksley Lane Auburn, CA 95604
- 29 Miles Away
Granite Wellness Centers Lovett Recovery Center
145 Bost Avenue Nevada City, CA 95959
- 62 Miles Away
Aegis Treatment Centers LLC Med Unit
109 Margaret Lane Grass Valley, CA 95945
- 69 Miles Away
Granite Wellness Centers Grass Valley Campus/Inpatient
159 Brentwood Drive Grass Valley, CA 95945
- 69 Miles Away
Elijah House
40 Coyote Moon Trail Bangor, CA 95914
- 88 Miles Away
Sacramento VA Medical Center - Valley Division
10535 Hospital Way Mather, CA 95655
- 108 Miles Away
Cedar Point Recovery
1099 Stewart Road Sacramento, CA 95864
- 110 Miles Away
BAART Behavioral Health Services Inc 3
10 Harris Avenue Sacramento, CA 95838
- 111 Miles Away
Effort Alternative House
1550 Juliesse Avenue Sacramento, CA 95815
- 111 Miles Away
C.O.R.E. Medical Clinic, Inc.
2100 Capitol Avenue Sacramento, CA 95816
- 115 Miles Away
Bi Valley Medical Clinic
2100 Capitol Avenue Sacramento, CA 95816
- 115 Miles Away
Diamond House Detox
6808 Fleming Avenue Sacramento, CA 95828
- 117 Miles Away
Treatment Associates
7225 East Southgate Drive Suite D Sacramento, CA 95823
- 117 Miles Away
Pharmatox Inc Pharmatox NTP
7240 East Southgate Drive Suite G Sacramento, CA 95823
- 117 Miles Away
CORE Medical Clinic Inc
3990 Industrial Boulevard West Sacramento, CA 95691
- 118 Miles Away

Going to detox and rehab in Sun Valley

Available Treatment Types

Types of addiction treatment available within 120 miles of Sun Valley, Nevada

While there are a total of 21 different treatment centers within 120 miles of Sun Valley, Nevada, you may have to travel outside of your local area for detox or rehab.

Detox is often the first type of addiction treatment someone will go through. Detox usually lasts between 3 and 7 days and helps keep you safe and comfortable during withdrawal while also getting you ready for other types of addiction treatment. Of the 21 addiction treatment centers within 120 miles of Sun Valley, Nevada, 6 offer detox in one or more of the following settings:

  • Inpatient (non-hospital) detox: 1
  • Hospital inpatient detox: 2
  • Outpatient detox: 4

After detox, many people continue their recovery in rehab. Where detox focuses on medical stability and safety, rehab focuses on behavioral therapy and programming that will help you maintain your recovery. 21 of the 21 treatment center(s) within 120 miles of Sun Valley, Nevada offer rehab. More specifically:

  • 11 offer inpatient rehab
  • 15 offer outpatient rehab

Helpful resources:

Available Payment Options

Paying for detox or rehab within 120 miles of Sun Valley, Nevada

You can pay for detox or rehab a number of ways. If you plan to Pay for detox or rehab with insurance:

  • 11 accept private insurance
  • 6 accept state-funded insurance
  • 7 accept military-based insurance

If you plan to Pay for treatment privately, 13 treatment centers within 120 miles of Sun Valley, Nevada accept cash or other forms of private payment for treatment.

1 treatment centers within 120 miles of Sun Valley, Nevada, offer free detox or rehab.

Helpful resources:

Contacting Treatment Centers

Calling local detox centers and rehab programs within 120 miles of Sun Valley, Nevada

After you have a general idea of your treatment needs and know how you will pay for treatment, a common next step is to call and talk to a few treatment centers within 120 miles of Sun Valley, Nevada.

You can also call a local detox hotline or a national hotline like the one offered by American Addiction Centers (AAC).

If you are looking for more information but are not ready to speak on the phone, AAC also offers a free text support service as well as an easy way to check your insurance coverage online.

More information about American Addiction Centers:

Find Your Local Nevada Detox Center

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Sun Valley, NV Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Sun Valley, NV

Substance use disorders are highly prevalent in Sun Valley, Nevada, which is located roughly 3 miles north of Reno in Washoe County. Though Sun Valley spans no more than 15 square miles, it has its own problems with addiction like many other small U.S. cities.

According to the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department, methamphetamine is the deadliest illicit drug used in Washoe County.1 In 2016, there were 55 drug-related deaths involving methamphetamine, which was higher than the number of deaths caused by heroin, cocaine, and designer drugs combined.2 Between 2009 and 2017, the number of methamphetamine admissions to Washoe County drug rehab centers increased from 478 to 1,537.3

Fentanyl is the second most deadly drug being used in Washoe County.1 Between 2016 and 2020, the number of fentanyl-related deaths in the county increased from 7 to 55.1 Local authorities attribute the rise in fentanyl deaths to the fact that more dealers are mixing it with other drugs—including marijuana—for the sole purpose of getting their clients addicted.1 As a result, many people are using drugs like marijuana not knowing it contains fentanyl, and are suffering overdoses.

Between 2008 and 2017, the rate of alcohol-induced deaths in Washoe County was higher than that for Nevada (16.7 vs 11.5 persons per 100,000 population), as was the rate of drug-induced deaths (22.6 persons vs 20.7 per 100,000 population).2

Sun Valley, NV Detox and Rehab Availability

Sun Valley is relatively small, but fortunately, there are many drug and alcohol rehab centers located just a few miles away in Reno and Sparks. These two cities are home to 27 substance abuse and mental health treatment centers, all of which are located within a 10-mile radius of Sun Valley.4 This represents about 93% of all addiction treatment centers in Washoe County.4

Sun Valley residents who need treatment for fentanyl, heroin, and prescription opioid addiction also have access to 51 local practitioners who prescribe buprenorphine, which represents 92% of buprenorphine prescribers in the county.4 Buprenorphine is a maintenance medication for opioid use disorder that can help reduce drug cravings.5

There are also 4 dedicated opioid treatment programs (OTPs) near Sun Valley in Reno and Sparks.5 OTPs offer opioid detox and medication maintenance services for those in recovery from opioid addiction.6

Sun Valley, NV Drug and Alcohol Support Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are widely known and accessible support group programs that help people stay engaged with treatment after they decide to become sober.7

People who live in Sun Valley can find nearby AA meetings by visiting the official website for the Northern Nevada Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous.8 Meetings are available every day of the week at all hours of the day.8 Sun Valley residents interested in attending NA meetings can find a complete list of local in-person and virtual meetings on the official NA website.9


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