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On this page, you will learn about Beacon health insurance coverage for substance use treatment and how to check your plan benefits.
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Beacon Health Options (Carelon)

Provider Overview

Many people find may find themselves in the need of detox and rehabilitation services. Taking the first step to seek help for substance use disorders can be complicated and daunting. Carelon Behavioral Health, formerly Beacon Health Options after a recent merger, has several services to assist with your needs, along with a well-informed staff that can help guide people through the behavioral, physical, and social aspects of treatment.

What is Beacon Health Insurance?

Beacon Health Insurance, now Carelon Behavioral Health, was formed in 2022 and provides healthcare services, medical benefits management, payment integrity, and behavioral health services. Substance abuse treatment falls under the umbrella of behavioral health and mental health disorders.1 Carelon provides coverage for either a portion or the full amount of substance use disorder treatment and detox. The specific amount of coverage is outlined in a person’s specific insurance plan.

The Affordable Care Act is a comprehensive healthcare reform law enacted in March 2010 that has different mandates for insurance companies to abide by.One specific mandate is that insurance companies must provide some level of coverage for substance use disorder treatment for the people they serve. The Affordable Care Act also provides greater access to and coverage for substance use disorder treatment through different channels as well. 3 Coverage for substance use disorder treatment services includes detoxification, recovery support services, medications, outpatient treatment, and residential treatment. 3

Beacon Health Insurance Plans

Carelon Behavioral health plans are varied according to a person’s specific needs. The plans they provide benefit employers, government agencies, providers, children, teens, and adults. Each plan offers specific benefits. Behavioral health plans are also provided by Carelon Behavioral Health as well.

Using Beacon Insurance for Detox

There are several steps to take to begin using Carelon Behavioral Health plans for your detox and rehab needs. One of the first steps is to call the number on the back of your insurance card and speak with someone about your options and plan coverage. Once you know what is covered, you can find the treatment facility that is suitable for your needs. If you are in the Florida area, for example, you can utilize the River Oaks facility in Tampa, Florida. In order to determine if River Oaks takes Beacon, you may consider calling them, or filling out a form on their website.

H2: Types of Detox Treatment Covered by Beacon

Carelon Behavioral Health covers several different types of detox, including: 4

H2: Types of Addiction Treatment Covered by Beacon

The following types of addiction treatment are covered by Carelon Behavioral Health: 4

  • Inpatient rehabilitation. This type of treatment involves a hospital stay that can last from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on individualized plans.
  • Outpatient rehabilitation. In this type of treatment, patients can still return home every night. There are group counseling sessions they can also be a part of during the day.
  • Residential rehabilitation. In this type of treatment, patients take part in modified 12-Step programs.
  • AftercareAftercare plans will include a variety of support groups and programs designed to help one maintain sobriety.

Other Options to Pay for Addiction Treatment

Despite the Affordable Care Act mandates and your Carelon Behavioral Health plan coverage, you still may find that you lack the funds to cover your treatment. However, you should not get discouraged if this is the case. Many rehab centers provide means for you to cover your treatment, including loans, scholarships, or private pay options.

Other Insurances That Cover Detox & Rehab

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