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Crescent Pines Hospital

1000 Eagles Landing Parkway, Stockbridge, Georgia, 30281
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  • 1.8
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  • 1.7
    Accommodations & Amenities
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  • 2.2
    Meals & Nutrition
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  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Meals & Nutrition
My son has done the inpatient and outpatient. Ive also received good feedback from an adult who was inpatient. My son seems to relate and get more out of the outpatient program. He was safe, they stayed on top of their paperwork. Visitations are frequent and phone calls.
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Meals & Nutrition
PLEASE READ ALL BEFORE CONSIDERING THIS FACILITY: The conduct of the staff, to include supervisors, was by far the worst display of professionalism I have ever experienced. I was regularly hung up on or ignored simply for requesting information regarding the patient, despite having a patient identification number. Communication between the staff and myself was non-existent, and the patient received absolutely no care as medication was offered and advised almost immediately upon arrival. The "doctor" was apparently too busy to receive phone calls or messages from any concerned family member, and never even met with the patient, yet "advised" for an extended stay. This facility infringed upon the patient's constitutional rights and, in my opinion, only wanted the patient to stay in order to milk the healthcare benefits. PLEASE seek out other facilities for care in ANY capacity
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Meals & Nutrition
I would not want to tell anyone not to seek medical treatment but I will say DO NOT seek it here. This is not a “typical” mental health hospital or detox treatment facility. Not all staff but a good majority are very rude are not LCSW or have any mental health associations ie. School or training, they literally hire people off the street from “want ads” give them training and then allow them to give groups and they call them “Mental Health Associates” I have never seen anything like this and by the way I am a U.S. Army Veteran and my worst stay at a VA hospital couldn’t compare to this. It does make it hard for those that work there who are compassionate and want to make a difference. The food has no nutritional or dietary value, I am a pescatarian/Vegetarian and for snack time you get potato chips, rice crispy treats or cereal bars. I saw patients who were diabetic not get their blood sugar checked and allowed to eat and saw one blood sugar spike to 300 and they left him sitting in a wheelchair. The one psychiatrist they have just wants to throw psychiatric meds at you and see what sticks. I was here for 10 days and refused to their meds from a doctor who had only seen me for 5 minutes and had no medical history on me and did not contact my current psychologist who I see every 2 weeks, I was placed on an involuntary hold and basically held captive because I wouldn’t take meds for a diagnosis I knew I didn’t have, while others who just took the meds were able to leave even though you could clearly see they were not ready to be put back out into society. The facility is barely cleaned they only have 2 janitorial staff and they do the best they can but the chairs are all stained and urine smelling, I advised a nurse a patient had soiled herself while sleeping on the couch and she just looked at me and kept working, I’ve seen patients urinate on the floor and sit in chairs and no one cleans it up, it’s disgusting and disheartening. The mental health system is crumbling because of facilities like this and if you need to seek psychiatric treatment or detox treatment do your research and please don’t subject yourself or your loved ones here especially your children or teenagers it’s even worse for them.
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Meals & Nutrition
I was a current patient at this facility from 8/21-8/30/2019 I am not on any psychiatric medications so when I say what I saw and heard with clear and awakened eyes is absolutely true when you read these reviews. Not all staff were uncaring but they are helpless in most cases to enact any meaningful change. I was kept for 10 days because I refused to take the psychiatric meds that I knew I didn’t need, many patients took them so that they could live. I saw patients who truly came for detox and suicidal ideation leave before me who got there after me because they took the meds even though I still participated in these shame of groups with no one on one therapy. I did not receive therapy with a LCSW or daily one on one with the psychiatrist which there was only one for the facility. I have never seen such a scam perpetrated in all my life and might I add, I am a disabled veteran so how I ended up in such a place is beyond me. I can see why the mental health community is in shambles and why individuals are recycled in the system because if they are being sent to facilities such as this there is no way they are able to get the help they need. Please take the warnings and stay away from this place and DO NOT send your children here, you are setting up a bad precedent. The nutritional value of the food is absolutely zero and I can’t understand how they see feeding you potato chips or rice krispy treats before bed for all patients is a good idea especially the children and adolescents, I was served the same meal 4 times in a row because I’m a vegetarian and they obviously weren’t equipped for my dietary needs. I was told I had a UTI but was refused Gatorade or even cranberry juice how is this possible in a “hospital” setting. They frequently ran out of hospital gowns and there were only 3 blood pressure machines and they used them between all of the wings adult, children and adolescents and never cleaned the cuffs (absolutely disgusting and unsanitary) There is so much wrong with this facility that I could type all day but I’m sure you should get the idea and if you choose to still check yourself in, or a loved one just know that you have been warned.
    As an external clinical instructor I am very appreciative of the opportunity for students to be able to observe and be admidst the treatment team's day to day clinical and group processes. Our students' practical foundation was greatly enhanced due to the administration's acceptance and its staff's willingness to allow the students to openly engage and participate in group activities,