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1312 SW Washington St., Portland, Oregon, 97205
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Treatment at De Paul is based on the belief that chemical dependency develops within the context of an individual’s heredity and environment. We view addiction as a complex, chronic and treatable illness. We believe that all individuals have within them innate health and the capacity to recover.

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Most of my experience was good. A lot of inappropriate relationships between patients and staff members though. All consensual but a lot of it was feeling pressure because they treat you better and give you more freedom when you're hooking up with an employee. It destroyed my relationship with my girl. Other than that this place was a big help.
This place really helped me get back on my feet and learn new ways of dealing with my addiction. I feel like I have the tools and support I need to stay sober. The food was good and we had a good amount of freedom after we earned it. The classes were helpful and most of the meetings were good. The only complaint I have is they need to look more in to conflicts because sometimes they make good people leave and let people who shouldnt be there stay, and also the inappropriate relationships between employees and patients kind of got uncomfortable, and it happened a lot. Being a guy, it's natural to flirt but here you almost feel pressured in to it if you want any special privileges. There was people sneaking in rooms in the middle of the night, lots of stuff happening behind closed doors, inappropriate talking, touching, and special treatment for those who cooperated. I love this place dont get me wrong, but that aspect of it is what will make staying sober hard for some. They should be teaching us self control and how to put our sobriety first. They mostly do but they went beyond just not teaching abstinence and self control. It sometimes made it uncomfortable to be there. Other than that this place is awesome.
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went in to program everything kool but after 30-60 days started wondering when i was going to get promised housing assistance and was told only option was going into 'oxford house' which you have to pay for and i didnt have any money. they must have a contract with said organization or something because though i happen to know depaul has DEEP resources in housing, 'treatment' is a big industry in this country....wish ya all luck n success in your journeys!
This year I am celiberating 20 years clean from meth and all other drugs thanks to the treatment I received from this great place! If you are willing, it works. And no relapses. I want to share this with everyone.
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This place is basically a cross between "prison and high school" that is in quotes because it was said by a fellow former client. I had to agree. There are 52 beds for men and 38 of them probably have warrants. If you are over the age of 35 and choose to be there by your own accord, think twice. Other clients equated it to me several times how much better the place is....compared to jail. "Yo dawg! The food rocks!" This is apparently relative to mildly nutritious slop? More commonly heard was "hey bro, my p.o. made me be here...using day I'm out". This mentality, rudeness of SOME staff (most were awesome but really, going thru personal sh*t and need attitude!?), and the "do as I say not as I do mentality"...meaning they said they would do things, but never came to fruition. Check out another center, before you come here.