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Good Heart Recovery Outpatient Rehab

205 West Mission St., Santa Barbara, California, 93101
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    Good Heart claims to be dual diagnosis, but their psychiatrist had no idea my son was manic, instead they claimed he “wasn’t ready” for their program and sent in in a Uber, Four house further away from his family, to a detox facility (he was not in need of detox). He couldn’t find the building, and mania turned to psychosis quickly. He hit the streets and tried to commit suicide the next day. In Long Beach, 1,000 miles away from home. They provided zero support or apologies for their behavior (yes, when you run a rehab facility, you get sick people, and sometimes you have to stay with them, even on a Friday night, until their loved ones arrive). We are still recovering from their bad judgement. The detox they sent him to was frustrated and appalled. To top it all off, we had to call to ask for the refund they promised us. We’re filing a complaint with their professional boards.
    Emily purvis
      Good Heart Recovery... I don't even know where to begin this community saved my life.from the loving encouraging staff members that come from a place of love and don't teach out a book. We all interact as individuals and not separation from staff and us. The groups are incredible because not only do we get to set a tone of security in the rooms but we have the chance to say how we feel truly and 9 times out of ten they say I hear you or me to and not (on page 25 it says how I can help you or I think we should get you some meds) THEY CARE alllll of them. I graduated and still get calls and go to them with to anything and they help, listen etc I would tell anyone and everyone who is struggling to at least stop in and let them hear you you are irreplaceable humans !!!
        I’ve been to one rehab, and one sober living facility but I tried these venues unsuccessfully for seven long hard years, trying to stay sober and have a job and make my life work out. It wasn’t until I came to Good Heart Recovery and lived at Recovery Santa Barbara that I was able to finally realize my true desires in life, work effectively at my job, have a good relationship with my family and friends, and be a healthy and spiritual person. This place has given me a new outlook on life, a new hope, and a new way of taking care of myself and my responsibilities. Every dollar spent is worth it in my opinion, because who can really put a price on having a new lease on life? I’m so grateful that my family and my health insurance were easily able to grant me the opportunity to stay here. It has been over a year now since I’ve last used my drug of choice, and I don’t have to work the harsh program of places like Alcoholics Anonymous where they just tell you to go to meetings and not drink. That didn’t work for me, although I tried for years. The Salvation Army is too religious and regimented for me. I would have tried it if I had no other options but luckily there is Good Heart. Here they taught me to work on my actual psychological issues that underlie addiction, instead of shaming you for using and trying to count how many days clean you have every day for the rest of your life. Addiction and mental health disorders are poorly understood by the medical community, and Good Heart treats them by gaining a deeper understanding of your own issues. There’s a lot of fun and variety in the group sessions they offer. And as well, a lot of healing. The staff know how to do their stuff, let me tell you. And it’s a good safe place to live for those of us who live at Recovery Santa Barbara, the serene, normal housing facility that is enmeshed in scenic Santa Barbara. Unlike my experiences with other sober livings or halfway houses, this is a simple, Zen like efficient main house on a nice street with two apartments out back for graduates. The beds and rooms are modern and clean and very fresh. The main house is cozy and cooperative. Everyone does their own dishes, takes care of thrmselves, do chores around the house, attend weekly meditation meeting and a weekly dinner meeting where new guests are welcomed into the house and introduced to each other. The house manager is a former client as well, so he knows and respects the conditions and issues that we all have to face in recovery. He is pretty spiritual too, on account of what he has learned here, and isn’t like a shop owner or task master or landlord. He also has well over a year clean and sober. In summary I’ve learned to become a more healthy and health conscious individual, all around: diet, exercise, spiritual balance and harmony, work ethics, community participation instead of isolation, helping others as well as being able to help myself. And I owe it all to Good Heart!
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        It’s challenging to refer to Good Heart Recovery as a rehab, treatment center, or any other modernized terms. This center is at the forefront of a new movement in drug and alcohol treatment and mental health care, based on compassion, vulnerability and authenticity, without many of the conventional methods used to cultivate such qualities within human beings. These are incredibly gifted and skillful technicians who go to great lengths to extend themselves to create space for people to learn about themselves without getting bogged down by diagnosis and labeling. In short, this center believes in the power of healing and balance, and anyone who sets foot on the property and meets the staff will feel the automatic difference.
        • Accommodations & Amenities
        • Treatment Effectiveness
        • Meals & Nutrition
        I work with the professional staff at Good Heart and it is hard to express in words the gratitude I feel knowing that Good Heart and the staff are a part of the addiction and mental health community. The message of Good Heart is one of pure love and pure intention. The staff approaches treatment with a level of care and dedication that truly supports the healing process. The Good Heart team takes approaches to treatment that are a wonderful mix of old and new ideas, understanding that the human mind is one that needs openness in order to change. I am happy to be a part of a team that truly lives up to its name.