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GraceWay Recovery Residence for Women

412 West Tift Avenue, Albany, Georgia, 31701
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I had no idea of the life I could have when I first entered GraceWay. I was broken, my life was in shambles, and I had pushed my loving family to their breaking point. Back then, I didn’t know if I could change, but I found hope in the other women that had already been in the program when I first arrived—I saw that they were happy, sober, and free from their emotional pain. GraceWay taught me how to apply the 12-steps to my life and how to live authentically by or acting the principles behind each step. Little by little, and after a lot of hard work and time, my life got better. I learned that I was capable of achieving my goals, and that I wasn’t a bad person—I was sick but was making an effort to change what I didn’t like about myself. I learned that I can handle anything that comes my way in a 24 hour period without using drugs and alcohol to cope, and most importantly I found myself. The me that was buried under years and years of active addiction, shame, guilt, and hopelessness. Today, I’ve been sober over 8 years and I owe it all to GraceWay. Today I have a career that I love and a family that trusts me and wants me in their lives because I have stopped breaking their heart. I am so grateful that I made the choice to enter GraceWay many years ago.. it truly saved my life!
Liz P
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Graceway has given me my life back.I am so very grateful for this place and all the tools it gave me while I was a resident there.I battled addiction and an eating disorder for 20 years and had been to 4 other rehabs and nothing seemed to work for me.I had truly given up on life and was completely broken.Graceway was the only place that got through to me and got to the core of the real issues and helped me to see that my addiction was just a symptom of deeper problems.Today,I am happy and at peace for the first time in my life.I know my worth and live each day with excitement and gratitude..All of relationships with my daughter,family,friends and husband have been restored and are better than they've ever been.None of this would have been possible without compassionate staff.Thank you Graceway for my life today and for showing me and teaching me how live and be the woman I was intended to be all along.I love you all! GRATEFUL
    When I first walked through the front gates of GraceWay, I was broken, numb and full of shame. I was desperate to hold on to my false sense of power and control over my alcoholism. Pride was my illusionary protector and life line, yet in truth, pride was the enemy in hiding, slowing killing me in the process. As I walked through the front door of GraceWay, I took a deep breath, looked up, and was greeted with big Southern hugs from the GraceWay team. It was then and there that I intrinsically knew that I would be “OK”. I was right where I needed to be. Travelling all the way from Canada, I was far away from home. GraceWay embraced me into their family and provided me with a sense of community. After having already completed three treatment programs, I thought I knew the “ropes”. I knew what the counsellors would want to hear, how I was supposed to act, how to stay below the “radar” and not have to be truthful with myself or others. I was deluding myself. The GraceWay team immediately saw through my façade and “carefronted” me with truth; yet, loved and accepted me anyways, despite not being able to accept and love myself. GraceWay is based on transition and transformation. It is a very demanding but powerful inpatient recovery home that empowered me to own my addiction and journey of recovery. It required me to self-reflect and dig below the surface (the inside me versus how I present myself to the outside world) and fully commit to the holistic twelve step model. Despite the amazing programming, activities and opportunities that GraceWay provided, the program allowed me to learn how to make, reach and maintain my goals, while living life on life’s terms. GraceWay not only provided me with a sense of purpose, self worth and self esteem, the team encouraged me to utilize my strengths to move forward, maintain accountability and challenged me to move towards self reliance and social responsibility. GraceWay will always hold a special place in my heart and in my spiritual growth. It was through GraceWay that I learned that it was “OK” to be “ME “, “Myself” and “I”. What I thought were my ugly imperfections, were the very things that made me beautiful. The GraceWay team lead by example and freely gave of themselves – their stories and personal lived experiences through addiction and recovery. Their strength and courage gave and gives me hope today. After five months in the main treatment house, I was able to transition over to “The Way" – semi-independent apartment living - located on the GraceWay property. After three months living at “The Way”, I returned home to Canada. Although, I still have my personal trials and tribulations, alcoholism is no longer the keeper of my thoughts. I am no longer a “puppet” and my alcoholism my “puppeteer”. Today, I no longer “live to drink” nor “drink to live”. Instead I walk through this world with my head held high, with the grace of a woman, rather than the grief of a child. Everyday brings a new beginning and a new end. When I make a non-healthy choice, I can always start fresh and move forward in my recovery. GraceWay saved my life in so many ways. For that I am forever grateful and blessed. I feel privileged to call GraceWay and the long-term friendships that I made while at GraceWay - FAMILY. I recommend GraceWay to any woman who is struggling and serious about healing her mind, body and spirit. Forever and a day, Tanya
      GraceWay is a God-send! This placed truly saved my life. If real recovery is what you're looking for, GraceWay is it. It's 12-step and spiritually-based, and gives you a safe haven for the start yo your journey. After living in the house for 3 months, I transitioned to the Way apartments next door, which offer continued growth while also learning self-sufficiency and responsibility. In my opinion, there's no other well-rounded and fulfilling residence like GraceWay!
        Graceway Recovery Residence is a difficult, demanding and incredibly powerful place that empowers women to own their own journey of recovery. It is based in tough-love, truth, and self-reflection that requires it's residents to dig in and fully commit to the twelve steps model. Graceway is rock solid in its careful approach to treating women and it's program expects women to transition into independent, autonomous living. Once a resident progresses toward living a more productive life, Graceway can nominate a candidate for the long-term, transitional care of "The Way" - apartment living still on the campus. This option has helped our daughter immensely, as she gains more freedom and life skills, while still under the watchful eye of staff and counselors. We highly recommend Graceway Recovery Residence, as it has been a life saver for our child. We pray she continues to thrive under its care....