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Miracle Hill Renewal Center

19 Graves Drive, Greenville, South Carolina, 29609
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About Miracle Hill Renewal Center

Miracle Hill Renewal Program uses a Christian adaptation of the 12-Steps to help free women from their life-dominating addictions. The program has four phases, including spiritual foundations, inner healing, building healthy relationships and life planning.

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This place has no documented success cases. They treated my wife. Told me she was doing unbelievably well. She was drunk a month after she left the center but still in their aftercare program. I checked up on their success rate. The Director could not provide any. The statement on their website that they have a 97 percent success rate is an outright lie. Miracle Hill claims to use a "Biblical approach to the 12 Steps" which reveals their arrogance. They know more about the 12 steps than AA so they have come up with their own version. No success in over 30 years is the proof in the pudding. These people collect money to treat the addicted, the addicted that can afford nothing else, to ply their "addiction theology" on our society's weakest and most vulnerable. Shame on Miracle Hill. Stay away. This place is a death trap. Alcoholism kills.
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It's a clean facility and they do have good meals. If you voice a question as to HOW the facility can help you once you are there, they will ask you to leave. They ask for honesty, but if you ARE honest, they do not want to help you understand and calm your fears in 'Will the program work?" or "Am I in the right place?' . They automatically tell you to leave, and if you can't, they take you to a homeless shelter, leave you there with none of your money, then pick you up the next morning, take you to a bus station. If the buses do not go to your hometown, THEY DO NOT CARE, they leave you there. If this is CHRISTIAN LOVE and COMPASSION..NO THANK YOU! If you are not a Christian, do not go. This facility will only help you if you are one. If you are not Christian, they will make you miserable until you leave.The love and compassion for addicts depends on your Christian status.
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tough love program and very strict rules. Dependent upon God and religion to see their errors.