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No Longer Bound Addiction Treatment Program

2725 Pine Grove Rd., Cumming, Georgia, 30041
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About No Longer Bound Addiction Treatment Program

The Regeneration Program at No Longer Bound is a 12-month, residential, process of regeneration. This process differs greatly from a conventional rehabilitation program. We believe addiction to be a symptom of a life fragmented by relational wounds, broken beliefs, sustained rejection, and the resulting disintegration of meaningful intimate relationships. The regeneration process at No Longer Bound involves resolving wounds of the past, repairing damaged belief systems, restoring relational health, and facilitating lasting intimacy with God, Self, and Others. We believe this process of regeneration is the prescription for lifelong freedom from addiction.

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The process and length of time getting a loved one in the program are absurd and dangerous. If the patient needs to go from detox straight in to a program this is not the place. We were led to believe it would be a quick process but found out at the last minute that it could take a month. They were zero help and demonstrated zero compassion.
Major disclaimer- I am a former client who did graduate from NLB but several years ago and steps may have been taken to deal with the issues I am about to mention. Overall there were some good guys on staff there. I will say that. And the message they preach is one that I try to apply to my life today. However, some huge problems existed during my 10 months there. Firstly, the entire property was infested, and I do mean infested, with rats and other rodents. The main residence had rat nests all in the walls and guys who lived in the downstairs bedrooms could hear rats running across the ceiling all night. But the real issue when I was there was that there was NO accountability for staff members. None. All of whom were recovering addicts themselves.Now I understand it's about the message not the messenger, but it is rather difficult to embrace the validity of the message when so many who preach it are not themselves practicing it. Again, this was years ago and many changes may have been implemented to prevent these issues. I say all this because people should know as much as possible before sending their loved ones somewhere for a year.
Do not go here if you are not married to your girlfriend they will make it that you cannot speak to her nor will she be allowed to be a part of your recovery for a year. They will make it impossible for your relationship to survive. I tried and did everything they wanted to try and be apart of my fiancé’s recovery and they added more impossible terms to it.
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No Longer Bound saved my life. It gave me the tools needed to be the man God intended for me. Although it was the hardest thing I have ever done, it was also the most rewarding and beneficial things I’ve had the priviledge of going through. I would recommend this to anyone seeking help with addiction. This program works, and has lasting effects for those who want it!!
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NLB is a wonderful, highly committed Christ centered organization that led my husband to sobriety and to the restoration of our family. It is hard work for all involved but a great place for a lifetime of change.