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4405 Padre Blvd., South Padre Island, Texas, 78597
Our treatment model integrates the latest in advanced medical and clinical sciences with an immersion in the timeless 12-Steps. This targeted approach unites unmatched medical expertise with multidisciplinary, compassionate clinical care. Origins comprehensively address the individual medical, spiritual and psychological needs of each patient with a full-time staff of dedicated professionals. Recognizing that addiction affects gender groups differently, Origins’ has created a program in which men are able to discuss the needs unique to their gender group with minimal distractions. Our gender-separate facility offers a lush and tranquil environment in which male residents are able to experience the vital process of recovery.

Facility Highlights

  • Long-term treatment experience
  • 12- Step immersion program
  • Engaging family program


  • Superior Onsite Medical Care

    Superior on-site medical services contribute to Origins’ renowned reputation as a leader in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. From medical detoxification that is safe and comfortable to the treatment of concurrent medical conditions, the addiction specialists at Origins are committed to guiding you, your loved one, or your patient on the path to wellness. We match innovative and evidence-based addiction treatment practices with medical care that is headed by doctors who understand addiction. Our multidisciplinary team includes skilled nurses, psychiatrists, and medical doctors.
  • Advanced Psychological Services and PNP

    Origins' team provides cognitive restructuring based on leading edge research on the brain’s capacity to restructure and renew itself. Headed by renowned psychologist, the PNP Center’s multidisciplinary team of professionals collaborates to find solutions to the variety of challenges in a person’s neurological and psychological development. Psychological services programs include rigorous psychological testing and evidence-based therapies such as biofeedback, neurotherapy, and sleep protocols.

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  • Beach Community

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  • Accomodations & amenities
  • Treatment effectiveness
  • Meals & nutrition
If you're currently at wit's end with your (or your loved one's) struggle with addiction, with trauma, with complete emptiness and brokenness, I would encourage you to allow Origins Behavioral Healthcare to be your answer to a miraculous path to healing-- to life. I'm writing this as someone who knows first-hand. Through the program at this facility, I found myself. I found that sanity, harmony, balance is not only a possibility for me, but a REALITY for me. At Origins, I learned the tools that would equip me to no longer be enslaved by addiction or circumstance, and I learned how to be the person that my soul and my purpose calls me to be; Yes. It IS possible! There CAN be restoration, healing, and JOY that happens within yourself and in your relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers... Origins has shown me this, and because of it, I am overjoyed and honored to say that this healing is the reality of my life and the life of my loved ones today. There IS hope, and my journey at Origins was the start to letting hope flow through me and the lives of those around me.
Rick m
    I was at rick bottom when i found origins. They took me in and detoxed me until i could function again. After that they taught me so much about my disease and gave me so much care. From the cooks to the nurses to the counselors and RAs they are all top notch. They gave me my life back. If you are suffering please get there if you can. They are the gold standard!
      Their staff are good but be very careful! They take money without regard for your implied agreement. They’re money hungry! DONT GO THERE!!!
        If you are looking for a recovery experience like none other, you have to give ORC a try. I have (unfortunately) been to MANY other treatment centers and left just as sick- or sicker- than when I arrived. Most of the other treatment models out there are designed for you to FAIL and RETURN. Origins is a first class program and one of a kind in the industry. Their staff are in recovery and dedicated to helping facilitate change in the client. I had an unbelievable experience at Origins and I owe them my life. I cannot say enough about their staff and the work they do. I realize that I sound like a paid spokesperson (lol), but I assure you I am not. I am the real deal who got FREE at Origins. If they can help me do it, I promise you they can help you do it (IF you are ready to change).
          I truly could not recommend Origins Recovery Center more. It absolutely saved, gave me, my life. The staff was/is 100 percent commited to the clients recovery and wellbeing. It is a spiritual program, NOT a religious one. The spirituality aspect may sound off putting to some initially, either before or initially while there, but almost always even the most jaded, atheistic, agnostic clients found the strength they needed by listening to the staff, and simply working the program (this includes me). I won’t name names, but there are staff members there who I plan to have life long contact with. The staff are recovered addicts, with co diagnosis usually. They understand and relate in ways other place can’t, don’t or won’t. I know from others who have been to many treatments, that Origins approach is unlike any other and absolutely Top notch. There is structure in place. A lot. And initially clients, like myself, hated some of it. Couldn’t understand the reasons much less the benefit. But I found each rule or SOP or class or guideline helped me overcome some aspect of my issues. If you or a loved one want to overcome your issues, learn tools to live, get to how/why you might have certain issues or why your an addict. 100 percent amazing family.