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Sagebrush Treatment Center

7921 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 400, McLean, Virginia, 22102
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About Sagebrush Treatment Center

Our philosophy is grounded in the twelve step model of recovery and our programs are built upon that foundation. Sagebrush creates a center for healing that provides authentic and fundamental changes in our clients through a deeper, more comprehensive treatment program.

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Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
Meals & Nutrition
I spent about one month at the inpatient center at Sagebrush and feel very grateful for everything I experienced. I had two therapists (one left about halfway through my stay) and both were instrumental in my healing process. Also, even though the common areas were beautiful, having my own room and bathroom definitely made things easier.
Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
Meals & Nutrition
The only good thing about this place when I was there was the therapists and the house manager. They actually cared and went above and beyond and saved my life. I still decided to give 1 star because the people working there are not the program they just go by it. I blame myself because I didnt read the reviews first but its all true. I read a few that sound like the CEO or staff wrote them like they were clients to make the rating better. Neither staff or clients know whats going on on a daily basis. The schedule changes constantly and zero time for anything else bc we are in group for 7-8 hours per day. I liked the groups but I had to squeeze in time to shower and take care of myself. Self-care that they say is so important for us doesnt' existent unless you go to group late and then get punished for being late. Not holistic and if you want that, you pay out of pocket for it all. The only "holistic/spiritual" thing was them burning sage and thank God because the energy and environment there was toxic. The house looks pretty-smoke and mirrors for sure. It was gross and I saw bugs. RUN. DO NOT GO HERE TO GET BETTER. Trying to get better in this place was harder than it should have been and if it wasn't for the few people working there that actually cared I would have left. THANK YOU.
Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
Meals & Nutrition
Promises of massages, yoga, a bunch of amenities etc - but they never did that. The client handbook was completely false. If you are going to pay this amount of money go somewhere else. Therapists changed 3 times while I was there, they left or got fired or something. Kind of a ridiculous place
This rehab has all the glitz and glam of a utopia BUT needless to say it IS NOT, it is FAR from it. The facilities are ran by incompetent leadership staff (not the day/evening/overnight staff) and a residential director who has no operational experience and does not admit the many mistakes he's made thus far. This company just had their best team walk out on them for lack of support. It appears the CEO cares ONLY about bed filling and numbers. She'll risk employees lives in inclement weather in Outpatient just to get a dollar because she's built a home in Arizona and in Great Falls that have extended her budget beyond belief. The facilities are nice yes, just like a cult, always appealing initially, until you see the cracks in the foundation and this place has MANY cracks, actually not cracks HOLES. However, as long as incompetent and/or new people get employed, it'll continue to be open as a business. Have you ever seen the movie GET OUT?! If not, review it then re-read this post. If you have, you know exactly what I mean. This company has changed management over a dozen times because no one can sustain the constant changing of procedures and policies and the toxicity of the company. The envirornment is non-sustainable and toxic, yet they keep having the person with the most blood on their hands lead Council as if dirty hands can purge and make something clean. Each day here is like ground hogs day. Same speech by the CEO and management, but NO changes and if changes are made, they aren't done effectively AT ALL nor communicated correctly. Their strongest and best employees again have all left one after another and clients and staff have seen it crumble. However, because in today's times people are desperate for jobs, it will continue to run, but so will the employees after they see the joke this place is- toxic and nasty. Some people stay beyond their time thinking they’re doing greater work, THE SAME WORK THAT CAN BE DONE AT ANOTHER COMPANY THAT’S WAY MORE SUPPORTIVE. Listen, DON’T WORK HERE trust me. They have NO regard for their employees and management is INCOMPETENT and don't know how to make decisions that benefit and make their employees feel supported in ANY CAPACITY. This is actually a nice post, I could SAY WAY MORE WITH ALL THE INFORMATION I HAVE, BUT TRUST ME THIS IS THE BEST WATERED DOWN VERSION TRUTH THAT I COULD COME UP WITH.
Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
Meals & Nutrition
Make sure you ask about their treatment. They claim to provide holistic practice but there was no acupuncture and the medical director was not helpful at all. Their staff is nice but the counselors are young and not very experienced. I was disappointed with the treatment and it was very different from what they say on the website.